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Saturday, July 27, 2013

DIY Cocoa-Rose Lotion Bars

by Tonya

When I saw on Facebook that Stefanie had made lotion bars - and that they were really easy to make, I had to try it. I looked around online at many recipes and ultimately came up with my own. My recipe actually requires you to make another recipe first:

Rose-Infused Oil

1 cup naturally scented Rose Petals
1/2 cup Jojoba Oil
1/2 cup Light Olive Oil

I picked scented roses from my yard. Please be careful about using roses from a florist. Many imported roses are drenched in chemicals that you wouldn't want to put on your skin. 

Heat a pan of water on the stove, just to boiling. Then turn off the heat. 

Place the rose petals in a mason jar, then fill it with oil. You can use any oil you like, but jojoba and light olive oil are light enough that they won't overpower the rose scent. 

Put the lid on the jar and warm it by placing it in the pot of hot water on the stove. The heat will help to release the scent from the rose petals. 

After the water cools, remove the jar from the water pan and place somewhere warm to continue steeping. Leave the petals in the oil for at least 24 hours, and up to a week. 

Strain the petals from the oil and see if it smells strongly enough. If not, repeat the process with new petals. You may need to repeat several times if you want strongly scented oil or if your petals don't have much fragrance.

Second recipe: the Lotion Bars

1 cup Coconut Oil
1/2 cup Rose-Infused Oil (you can just use jojoba oil if you prefer)
1/2 cup Cocoa Butter (chopped for quicker melting)
1 cup Beeswax (chopped for quicker melting)
1 tsp Vitamin E oil

In a microwave-safe bowl, combine coconut oil, rose-infused oil, cocoa butter and beeswax. Heat for 1 minute and stir. Continue to heat for about 30 seconds at a time, stirring in between, until all ingredients are melted and mixed smoothly together. Stir in Vitamin E oil. Pour into molds or silicone cupcake liners. Let the bars cool completely and then pop them out of the molds; they are ready to use. 

The bars will melt a little when you rub them on your skin. It may seem a little greasy at first, but the lotion will absorb after a couple minutes and feel really nice. I love the smell of the roses and cocoa mixed together. 

These do not need to be refrigerated, but store them somewhere relatively cool so they don't melt and make a huge mess (not in a sunny window or on top of a radiator).

Friday, July 5, 2013

Rose Petal Body Scrub

by Tonya

It's summertime! My rose bushes are full of flowers and I am so excited to use the petals in homemade beauty products. For my first project, I followed this recipe  from The Beauty Department.

I used a mason jar and these ingredients:

Coconut oil
Fresh, scented rose petals
Turbinado sugar
Sweet Almond oil

It's a very simple and quick recipe (so it's easy if you have little kids running around or babies crying for you). Just layer the ingredients in a clean jar. First, the coconut oil, then rose petals, then sugar, and finally the almond oil. You can let the almond oil soak into the sugar for a few minutes and then pour in a bit more to top it off. 

To use, mix it with a spoon and then rub on your skin in the shower. After rinsing, it leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized so you don't need to put on any lotion. Be careful if your shower floor feels slippery from the oils. 

This scrub does not need to be refrigerated and should keep for up to a year. That's great news since I would love to use this in the winter when my skin is always dry. And I can always use a rosy reminder of summertime in the dead of winter. With a cute label and a ribbon, wouldn't these scrubs be great gifts for the women in your life?

At warmer temperatures (like taking photos outside in the hot sun, or maybe in your shower) the coconut oil may liquify. That is no problem and it will turn back to a solid after it cools off. Coconut oil can safely change back and forth with no ill effects at all.

One warning - please be cautious about using rose petals from a florist. Most imported flowers are drenched in chemicals that you wouldn't want to put on your skin.