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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Beginning Knitting Project

by Tonya


I've decided to try knitting again. That's right, even though Stefanie is an amazing knitter (as is our mom, and as was our grandma), I am not very good at it. I always feel like the yarn is going to fall off the needles. I'm not very good at using chopsticks either; is there a connection? 

My mom bought me this beginners knitting kit for my birthday.

The kit includes the yarn, knitting needles, a yarn needle, and a nice instruction booklet. It is truly for beginners. You don't have to know how to do anything to use this; the booklet even tells you to wind the yarn into a ball before beginning. 

I successfully made the hat and one hand warmer (the other one is partway done).  


I'll tell you a secret: I still prefer to crochet! I feel like I have more control over the yarn. I also know how to get back on track if the yarn comes off the crochet hook, but I don't know how to rescue my work if it falls off the knitting needles. 

I really like my hat, and I'll finish and try out the hand warmers. Jason says hipsters wear them, so I don't know what to make of that. I've never used fingerless gloves before. Now's my chance! 

After I finish the second hand warmer, I'm going to try to improve my knitting and increase my confidence. Here's my plan:

* Use the biggest needles I have, and big, chunky yarn so it's easy to see the different loops of yarn.

* Drop some stitches and figure out how to pick them up correctly. I dropped one on my hat and my repair was not correct. It's no big deal, but that hat is not perfect. I like perfection. I can achieve perfection with crochet. I want to get there with knitting!

* Watch more videos and read more instructions about picking up dropped stitches. I looked at a few, thought I got it, and then it turned out that I didn't get it. 

* Then practice pulling out a needle and getting the yarn back on correctly. 

* Of course I should have done these things before making my hat and hand warmers, but I didn't want to wait! Without the pressure of trying to really make a certain product, I hope I can practice these techniques and become more comfortable with knitting. 

If you want the pattern for the hat and hand warmers, you can get it for free. Go to and sign up to receive their newsletter. They'll let you choose a free pattern to download, and this is one of the choices. Think you'll make some new winter accessories?  

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