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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Goats Milk Soap with Lavendar or Rose Petals

This is a very easy project that makes a lovely, fancy gift. You can buy goats milk soap base on Amazon or at a hobby store. Goats milk soap has great moisturizing qualities and acts as a nourishing food for your skin. 

To make your own, gather scented oils and some dried flowers. You can use any brand of oils that you want to apply to your skin. You can buy rose petals, lavender, and other flower petals on Amazon or at a craft store. 

I made two different types of soaps: lavender and rose. 

My lavender oil is from doTERRA (also available on Amazon). I used lavender from my yard.

I used cannabis rose oil from Somethin Special with dried rose petals from my yard.

Use any kind of molds you like. I love silicone cups, similar to these because they are really easy to peel off and the soaps retain their shape perfectly. I have made soap in the past using metal muffin tins and had to dig the soap out with a knife, ruining the shape. 

Your choice of soap base may have its own instructions for melting. If so, follow those! Mine just needed to be chopped up and melted in the microwave. Heat for about 30 seconds and stir. Repeat until it's all melted. 

Mix in several drops of oil (until it smells a little too strongly - some of the fragrance will fade as the soap ages) and some crumpled flower petals. Save the prettiest petals for later. 

Place soap molds or silicone cups on baking trays (so you can easily move them if you want). Pour melted, fragranced soap into molds or silicone cups. Top with pretty petals. Allow to harden. You can place the whole tray in the refrigerator or freezer to hasten the hardening process. 

These would be cute in a mason jar, tied in a short stack with twine or ribbon, or wrapped in paper or cellophane and sealed with a cute sticker. 

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