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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ombre Nails - No Painting Skills Required

I wanted to do something fun with my nails, but I don't have the skill or time to do a fancy ombre on each nail. I decided to paint each nail a different color, mirroring the pattern on the other hand. It's quick and simple, and easy to touch up a chipped nail. 

I chose several colors that seemed like they might make a nice spectrum. Then I painted a little swatch of each color on a piece of white paper. I tried a couple different combinations, placing the colors next to each other to see how they'd look together.  

I ended up choosing light beige, greige, shiny taupe, almost matte black, and a glittery black for my thumbs. 

This would be fun to do in so many different color palettes! I might try blues or pinks next time.  

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