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Monday, July 27, 2015

Planning My Fall Sewing Projects

by Tonya

Are you planning any projects to sew for fall yet? Sarai's recent post on Coletterie is all about planning ahead and sewing for fall. Already?! I still have things to sew for this summer. But I have to admit that it's a great idea to think ahead a few months, especially if you're a slow sewist, like I am. I put together some things that I'd like to sew for fall:

Things to sew for Fall

Upper left corner: I've already cut out the fabric for this Bettine dress. It's double gauze, which should stay cool in the summer and warm in fall. I can add a cardigan, tights, and boots for extra warmth. (See how I'm talking myself into believing that this isn't just a summer dress? It will work for cooler weather, too! Really!)

Upper right corner: Anna pants in a dark green french terry. Hopefully they would look good enough to go out running errands, and they should definitely be cozy and comfortable for around the house. 

Lower left corner: I love the look of and the reviews for this Linden sweatshirt pattern. I chose a turquoise french terry. A good-looking, comfy sweatshirt was seriously lacking from my wardrobe last year.

Lower right corner: Sailor Sue pants in drapey jersey. The taupe is probably more practical, because patterned wide-legged pants can easily be too much. But in theory, I like the dark blue with white squares. Maybe the pattern would be subtle enough for pants?

Four pieces might be a reasonable goal for me to sew before fall arrives, but it's fun to daydream. If I were to have time to sew a bunch, I'd love to make the following clothes, too:

More things to sew for Fall 2015

Upper left corner: the Oslo cardigan, possibly without buttons. A stripey blue would be nice.

Upper right corner: a v-neck Aberdeen in a black and white aztec print jersey would get a lot of use. I've only sewn a knit v-neck once before, and I didn't quite master the technique. This shirt would give me a reason to get more practice!

Center left: a cropped Astoria sweatshirt would be great with high-waisted skirts and pants. Avocado green french terry seems like a good match.

Center right: this easy-to-sew Danni dolman sleeved dress seems quick and simple. I couldn't decide what color I'd want. I think I'd go with a print, but I'm curious about that yellow-green colored jersey. According to some seasonal color analysis websites, that is one of my colors - but I've never tried it.

Lower left corner: an Italia shirt dress in two-toned chambray would be really fun! This dress would make me stretch my sewing skills, and would feel like a big accomplishment if it turned out well. 

Lower right corner: this Mesa shift dress could come in handy in so many colors! I'm imagining an off-white french terry to stay warm on a brisk day, and a messy plaid jersey print when I feel like I don't want to wear sweatshirt material (could that happen? I don't know if you noticed, but I have four different colors of french terry included in this round-up! I think it's a theme.)   

What do you think? Will you be sewing any sweatshirts and sweatpants this year? What are you planning for fall and winter?

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