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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Akita Dress, Linden Dress, and a Throw Pillow

What did you make last week? I made a couple dresses and finished making a throw pillow that I started a while ago. Want to see?

For my faux suede dress, I was inspired by this one from Aritzia

Suede dress

My dress began with the Akita shirt pattern from Seamwork magazine. I followed this tutorial to lengthen it into a dress.  (And just FYI, these tights looked much more grey and less blue in person. I think I prefer the black leggings above.)


I used a stretchy faux suede from It felt great on the right side, and so disgusting on the wrong side! My fingers were pretty dry from knitting, washing dishes, etc... I couldn't have put on pantyhose or touched silk without snagging it. Keeping that in mind, the wrong side of the fabric totally gave me the creeps to touch! Super raspy. I knew I wouldn't want that next to my skin, so I planned on using some kind of lining, but I didn't know what. 


Well, after I washed and dried the fabric, it still felt great on the right side and felt pretty good on the wrong side, too. Hooray! My fingers were back to normal hydration levels by the time I washed it, but I had rubbed it on my arm before and after, so it was definitely the fabric, not just my skin! 

I still decided to double up the fabric, wrong sides together, so I could have the extra-soft suede feeling on the inside as well. That also made it a bit thicker so it doesn't show bumps and lines from underwear and tights. And it's warmer. Better all around.


It's definitely kind of a boxy fit, but the drape seems to keep it from feeling too shapeless for me. If I could change one thing, I would finish the sleeves differently since they kind of flare out. I am also considering adding patch pockets. I have plenty of fabric left to do it. But I think I will wear it as-is for now. I think I can dress it up this winter if I don't add pockets. Imagine it with black tights and ankle boots and jewelry.

And here it is, still casual, with a cardigan and necklace:

I also made a Linden sweatshirt dress out of flannel. 


I made this one a little longer than my scatter-dyed french terry Linden dress. I added about 12 inches to the original pattern since I imagined wearing this with tights, not always leggings. Since I run (and crawl and climb) around after little kids, I like to have the coverage of thicker leggings or extra length when I wear a dress. 


I used Robert Kaufman Mammoth flannel in grey. It is really nice fabric: soft and cushy and cozy. I cut it on the bias so it would have a little stretch. You can see how loose-fitting the dress is, and I think one would need to make it fairly loose when using non-stretch fabrics. I might have been able to make it one size smaller, but I love the comfort of it like this.  


I also followed Jen's instructions for making a split hem. It was easy to do and it adds a little something different from my other Lindens. 

That's my fourth Linden and I will certainly be making one more, since I haven't made the cropped version yet. I don't have fabric picked out or anything, but a fifth Linden will be coming into my life. 

The other thing I finished sewing is this pillow cover:

It's an envelope pillow case, so I can remove it for laundering when my kids spill something on it. I love this bright orange fabric. I think it will be awesome all winter long. If I get tired of it after a while, I can put on a different cover for a different look. We are getting new couches this month and it will be nice to replace our old, sad throw pillows with some pretty new ones. I want to make more covers from the fabrics you see above. 

I had made this pillow case a long time ago (maybe even a year ago!) but it somehow turned out rectangular, so one side had a couple inches of saggy emptiness. I had to take it partway apart to shorten it. That's the only trouble with piping! If it had no piping, I would have just sewn the new seam and cut off the extra fabric and been done. Instead, it sat on my To-Sew pile for a long time. 

I still prefer using piping, though. It takes a little bit longer to sew (and especially to rip out and re-sew), but the pillow ends up holding its shape better. 

I'd love to see what you're working on, if you'd like to leave me a link. :)

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