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Monday, November 2, 2015

Things I Made Last Week

This week I finished up a few sewing projects. 

I made this Grainline sweatshirt in red mystery-jersey from Colorado Fabrics. This is my second Linden, and it was so quick to make and so satisfying. It's fun to whip something up and have it be so wearable. 

I also made the copper corduroy skirt using Grainline's Moss skirt. Yeah, they're kind of obnoxious together. Here's the skirt with a better-paired color:

How FALL is this combination? Wine (or Marsala, if you insist, Pantone) and 1970s copper corduroy! I could blend in with a leaf pile.

I also used my scatter-dyed french terry to make this Linden dress:

I added about 10 inches to the length of the original sweatshirt pattern, since I wanted it to be a dress to wear with leggings. I'm 5'10", so I needed a little extra length to be comfortable calling it a dress (meaning that it has to cover my butt!). I saw a few bloggers' posts saying they added 8 or 9 inches, so definitely measure for yourself! 

It is so fun to make clothes, and I'm very glad I finally discovered Grainline patterns! The instructions make it really easy to successfully make something quickly. I'm also totally spoiled by Colette Patterns. I think their motto is, "Sewing Patterns that Teach." I love good instructions and online instructional posts and sew-alongs! It makes it so much more attainable for a less-skilled or less-experienced sewist to make wearables - and become more skilled and experienced. 

I've also been knitting a little on my Daelyn Pullover sweater, but it doesn't look much different from my last photo. I think it's almost long enough, so I should start on the hemline ribbing this week. Then I still have the sleeves and neckline to do, and I will have knit my first sweater!

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