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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Make It From Scratch Series Is Coming Soon!

Hi guys, 

Stefanie and I are so excited to announce a new series we'll be publishing this year! It's called Make It From Scratch and we will be growing plants to use in all kinds of projects. 

We'll focus on two types of gardens: Natural Dyes and Herbs. We will guide you through choosing seeds, starting them indoors, transplanting to the garden, growing, harvesting, preparing the plants to use, and finally using them in a bunch of fun ways! 

In the Natural Dyes series, we will grow plants to make different colored natural dyes and use them to dye yarn and fabric. We'll use a variety of fun techniques to create different results. 

In the Herb Garden series, we will share our favorite recipes for foods, cosmetics, and household items using the herbs we grow. 

We'll start this month, with choosing and buying seeds. Is your mailbox full of seed catalogs this time of year? Mine is, and it's so fun to daydream about gardening (but not have to do any of the work yet!). We'll talk about which zone you live in, so you can figure out when to start planting indoors and when to move your plants outside.

In February and March, we'll plant many seeds indoors. We'll show you our favorite method and equipment for seed starting.

In April and May, we'll start testing and preparing the soil in the garden, and finally move some plants outside.

The rest of the summer and into the fall, we'll tend our gardens and harvest leaves, flowers, stems, and roots to use in our projects and recipes.

We'll post every month with instructions, tips, and updates from our gardens. We'll tour some local dye and herb gardens. We'll review great gardening books - here are the ones I currently have checked out from the library:

Plus I have my collection of old favorites to share with you. 

Here's what my garden looks like today: 

Note the footprints to my compost bin - all my coffee grounds and fruit and vegetable scraps end up there. They're quietly becoming nutritious food for the garden. 

You might also note that there are still plants sticking up out of the snow. I don't always put my garden to bed like I should, but it always turns out okay anyway. I just have a little more work to do in the springtime. If you're not a "perfect gardener," don't worry - you can still have great results!

It's going to be so much fun to watch that plot of land change from a snow pile to a bountiful garden, and then see all the things we can make from it! We hope you'll share your gardens, progress, questions, advice, and finished projects with us. Please subscribe or follow us so you won't miss anything!

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