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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Herbs Are Growing: Make It From Scratch Gardening

Hi everybody,

Let's check in on our herb and beauty garden and see what's growing. Okay, so actually I spread out these plants among my vegetables, fruits, and flowers. I like to mix it up, like a cottage garden. 

Here's what I planted this year:

Calendula - my seedlings are very small. I planted them with my vegetables. 

Catnip - my cat totally ignores it! I will still dry it and put it in some cat toys and see if he likes that. I can also use it to make tea for humans.

Chamomile - looking pretty! I planted this in my strawberry, asparagus, and rhubarb bed. Some potatoes came back this year (I must have missed digging up a few last fall) and even though I want the space for other things this year, it's hard to get rid of them! I also planted fennel, leeks, garlic, and artichokes in this bed. It might get a bit crowded, so I'll have to feed and water well and trim down or pull up anything that gets too big and overshadows other plants. I always tend to pack them in! There are so many great things to grow.

The bed in question:

Cilantro - re-seeds itself and returns each spring in my garden. I have to pull up some plants as there are just too many. Later in the summer I may plant more so it will mature in time for tomato season.

Cumin - still super tiny!

Dill - this is a self-sowing plant that comes back strong every year at my house. I have to pull up hundreds and hundreds of frilly little seedlings each year. It would take over the whole yard if I let it. The only thing I've used it for is pickles, so far. 

Fennel - planted with my vegetables. I discovered this year that I love the taste of roasted fennel. This plant is also called Anise and it smells and tastes like licorice, which I hate. You can imagine my surprise that I like to eat fennel!

Garlic - planted with the strawberries. 

Genovese Basil and Lime Basil - they love to grow near tomatoes, and be served with them. I planted the seeds in between my tomato plants. 

Down the center of this bed is a chicken wire wall that sugar snap peas can grow up. I planted them a bit late, but hopefully we'll be snacking on some soon.

Greek Oregano and Rosemary - I planted these in pots. That way, I might be able to bring them inside for the winter. Pots also expand my growing space since my garden beds are pretty full!

Lavender - I placed this where it can live long-term, coming back each year.

Mint - be sure to plant this in a container. Mints will spread and take over your whole garden or yard, if they get the chance. I have mine on the deck, close to the kitchen.

Sage - planted with vegetables. It's still pretty small, but it's in this bed:

Thyme - planted beside my garden beds. It does not seem to be doing well, so I'll spare you the photo of dirt!

Instead, here are some pretty dutch iris and columbine flowers.

How are your gardens growing?

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